[chbot] Walking legs, dinosaurs and birds

Richard Jones rjtp at ihug.co.nz
Sun Jan 10 23:51:51 GMT 2010

Last night we were trying to remember who brought along the walking,
shooting robots a while back. A quick dig in the archives come up with the

http://kiwibots.org/5.html 19th December 2007 with photos.

Eric Cummins bought along a mysterious shoe box and gave us a very
entertaining talk about his experiences developing robotic walking legs,
foraging in car yards for parts and applications for the disabled. The
highlight was when Eric opened the shoe box and took out a pair of
precision made robotic legs with torso that walked along the table, and
with a slight of hand could be made to walk  round corners. Eric has a DVD
of his robotic adventures which hopefully we will be able to play at the
next session.


Eric Cummins bought along another set of walking robot legs and a video of
many sets of legs and a vast selection of assorted robots running around in
his garage. These looked like serious beasts, a dinosaur, robots from old
TV series, some shooting wooden pellets and balls. Some built to perform
useful chores like pouring beer, sticking out tongues and shooting. Eric
offered to have some of us round to see them close up. I'm keen. Here's the
rub, Erics walking bots walk with a many jointed gait and have no
processors. Very smart indeed.

It would be wonderful to see Eric again.

Richard Jones

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