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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
101admin Admin for
AC-all All Adam Court contacts
AC-Board Adam Court Board of Directors
AC-Maintenance Adam Court Maintenance
Airheads The UK kite flying scene
Badger-users For users of the Badger application toolkit
BandQ-Property-updates Notification of updates to the B and Q Property web site
Bsi_cs BSI Customer Services Dev List
CC-alumni Cedar Chase Alumni
CC-residents Cedar Chase Residents
CC50 Cedar Chase 50th event organisers
Chchrobotics Christchurch Robotics
contra-corner Discussion on promoting Contra Dancing in the UK
data-toolkit Discussing the DataToolkit Perl module
Davetest [no description available]
Dunedin-ISIG Dunedin Information Security Interest Group
Dunedin-ISIG-cabal Planning/Admin for Dunedin ISIG
Foo [no description available]
Friends [no description available]
GNUz Free Software Group
Help101 Help for new fliers.
HTS-interest People interested in what HTS does but who are not members
HTS-members HTS Members
iee-ec3 The IEE EC3 committee list
IEE-EC3-news News from the IET Thames Valley EC3
Ircadmin Discussion of #kites
LBC-news London Barndance News
LBC-Sound LBC sound technology discussion
LBC-tech LBC tech support for online events
LBC-virtual LBC Virtual events organising group
Loddon-Drive Loddon Drive residents and owners
Lords-Meadow Residents of the Lord's Meadow part of Loddon Drive
LRL-members Members of Loddon Residents Ltd
LUUG-publicity Information about LUUG and UKUUG events
MCC-committee Maidenhead Camera Club committee
MCC-enquiries Maidenhead Camera Club enquiries
MCC-interest List for distributing news about Maidenhead Camera Club to non-members
MCC-members Maidenhead Camera Club members
MCC-recent-members Recent members of the Maidenhead Camera Club
MCC-Thursday Maidenhead Camera Club Paid Members
Morsefolk Morse employees past and present
mythtvnz MythTV in NZ
News News from Annick McKenzie
Plexusfolk Folk who have left or might soon leave Plexus
Reunion RUUFDS reunion organisers
RUUFDS-people People who were associated with the Reading University Union Folk Dance Society
Shackweb [no description available]
templates Template Toolkit mailing list
templates-announce Low-volume mailing list for Template Toolkit announcements
TT3 List for the development of the Template Toolkit version 3

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