OurShack mail lists

We now have a choice of two webmail interfaces. Both access the same mailboxes.

Note that both services use session cookies, so please make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies from this site. The cookies will be deleted when you exit the browser.


This is a new webmail interface that you may find easier to use:

Web mail (Roundcube)

Less secure version of Web mail (Roundcube)


This is the standard webmali service that we have proviced for several years.

Web mail (Squirrelmail)

Less secure version of Web mail (Squirrelmail)


The server supports SSL and TLS encryption for greater security. Before using it for the first time, you should import the Ourshack master certificate into your mail client and web browser.

Setting up your own device to read mail

We support IMAP and POP for access to mail, and SMTP for sending mail so you can use your own computer or mobile device with this service.

See the mail setup page for details.

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