[OneRNG-Discuss] Troubleshooting the OneRNG

Bog Witch iambogwitch at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 11:46:45 GMT 2023

Hi All,

I have only just subscribed to the mailing list and can find no
archive so apologies if I'm asking a FAQ.

I've had my OneRNG for a few years now and when I received it, it
functioned exactly as described. Having not used it for a while and
returning to it, I'm concerned that I'm not seeing expected behaviour.

When plugging it in, the device responds exactly as expected but if I
try to empty the entropy pool, the LED continues to shine brightly
with the expected flash dim every few seconds.

On plugging in, it is detected and allocated to ttyACM0. The expected
dependencies are all installed. Firmware checks are passed and
recorded in syslog. I have noted entropy pools
(/proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail) are the same (256) whether the
device is connected or not.

I'm using Ubuntu 22.04.

I'm assuming there's some sort of conflict or override coming from
rng-tools but this is just speculation on my part.

Has anyone encountered this?



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