[OneRNG-Discuss] LED frequently going dark for various lengths of time

bsr tmp543901 at buckeye-express.com
Wed Jul 27 02:26:07 BST 2022

On 7/26/22 15:10, Paul Campbell wrote:
> there is/was a firmware bug I found a while back that did cause behavior like
> this - there's a fix for it (not a firmware update) in the last couple of
> software releases
> 	Paul


I'm using software version 3.7-1.  I've probably been using this 
particular OneRNG unit 24/7 for at least 2, maybe 3 years and never 
noticed this behavior until a few months ago.

I pretty sure you are referring to the following changelog bug fix:

* flush entropy pool after testing firmware Sun,  Oct 1 2017 21:02:34 +1200

Years ago, I remember seeing a long string of zeros once in a direct 
data dump prior to that fix listed above and that the updated software 
did fix the issue.  I hadn't considered that this might be related 
somehow but now you have me wondering.  I guess I'll dig a bit deeper 
and see what I can find.

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