OneRNG not working after reinstalling onerng_3.6-1_all.deb

bsr presspound at
Tue Feb 26 12:12:54 GMT 2019

>... with Line 117 being at the point where the pre-existing comment says "# if
>we failed quit - it's a bad or compromised board". Why that should be the case,
>I have no idea. But it sounds like a death knell.

No, not a death knell.  My first response to your original post included this:

..."If it is failing firmware validation for some reason (which can cause the behavior you

because I suspected it from the start.

Failing firmware verification doesn't immediately mean that your board is bad or your firmware is compromised.  The firmware image must be extracted from the device to check its signature.  The output you received from manually running /sbin/ daemon ttyACM0 showed a dd read failure right before the firmware gets extracted so you aren't getting the fw image either, thus the failure.  I had an idea why dd was failing and gave you a suggested fix to try (direct email communication) which you told me did not solve the problem.

Could you please change back to my suggested fix and re-run /sbin/ daemon ttyACM0 manually and give the output, without all the echo statements - I already knew where it was failing.  I think it would be best to send it to me directly for now.  Sorry if I sound curt, but we need to go one step at a time trying to resolve your issue. 

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