[onerng talk] A physically secure personal computer ...

Jim Cheetham jim at gonzul.net
Fri Sep 30 04:54:23 BST 2016

I guess threat models differ. Evil Maid is a real threat in many
environments, there are ways to mitigate it to various levels that don't
require the ORWL approach (e.g. "never switch it off" covers a lot of
bases), but it's good to see someone with a generic device addressing the

Recently I bought a self-build machine, and I *couldn't* get a BIOS with a
case-open-detect feature that was any good. The best I could get was "warn
once on power-on, automatically cleared on reboot". On the other hand, I
wanted more hardware than will fit in an ORWL anyway :-)

Of course, perfection is the enemy of implementation, so any solution that
gets us part of the way there is a useful one. Even the very expensive
Talos :-)
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