OpenMoko or Moonbase Otago?

Devin Reade gdr at
Sat Dec 5 01:11:41 GMT 2015

I'm working on supporting OneRNG in OpenBSD and I see that the vendor ID
(0x1d50) is for OpenMoko, assuming you believe Linux' "lsusb -v":

  idVendor       0x1d50  OpenMoko, Inc
  idProduct      0x6086
  iManufacturer  1       Moonbase Otago

Looking at, it looks like it's an open hardware
movement aimed at phones.

What's the back story on this one?

I'm thinking that for consistency, in OpenBSD the 0x1d50 ID should
be associated with OpenMoko rather than Moonbase Otago, but I'm
willing to be convinced otherwise.

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