[onerng talk] OneRNG Software interferes with Bitmask

Jim Cheetham jim at gonzul.net
Mon Aug 10 02:51:35 BST 2015

Hi faforox,

Sounds like the right fix in the medium term would be for us to confirm
whether python-gnupg-ng provides the same support for us as python-gnupg
does, and if so to list it as an alternative in a new version of the deb
package. Given that you're seeing a replace message from apt-get, I'd guess
this would be successful.

In the short term, you could use the .tar.gz software and do your own
system integration manually, which isn't ideal but will get you going.


On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 3:14 AM, faforox <
p-3Ku1sJq54dXrJViy3nfHH5 at lists.onerng.info> wrote:

> Bitmask, a VPN and (soon) Mail Application from the LEAP Encryption Access
> Project (https://bitmask.net) installs python-gnupg-ng as a dependency.
> When I try to install the OneRNG host software on that same machine,
> apt-get requires me to remove python-gnupg-ng (and all the software that
> depends on it, like Bitmask) in order to install python-gnupg.
> Is there a way to use python-gnupg-ng with OneRNG or to have both
> python-gnupg-ng and python-gnupg on the system at the same time?
> Thanks,
> faforox
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