OneRNG on Slackware 14.1

Navigium navigium at
Mon Apr 13 15:04:50 BST 2015

Hey all,

Just to save anyone the trouble of finding out how to get your OneRNG to work on Slackware 14.1, I'll write down what I did.

First you need the Python gpg module which can be installed via SlackBuilds. It's here:

Another tool you need is the rngd from rng-tools. Unfortunately the SlackBuild isn't maintained anymore and the latest version is for Slackware 12.2. But it's easy to manually install the rng-tools (and update the SlackBuild for that matter. So if you have some time at hand, go ahead ;) )

Just download the tarball from here:

and do a ./configure, make, make install in the extracted directory. (The last one as root, obviously.) This installs the rngd tool you need to feed the output from the OneRNG to /dev/random. Without this utility it's still possible to get the random data from /dev/ttyACMx.

>From here the installation procedure works as explained on Use the tarball and don't try to install the .rpm package via rpm2txz as it places the udev rules in the wrong directory.

Hope this saves someone some troubles and headaches ;)

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