LED goes off

wess wessely at gmx.at
Wed Apr 15 07:40:10 BST 2015

Hi Paul

after disabling the firmeware test the device is working correct, Thanks :)

But now i am a bit confused, on the page http://onerng.info/onerng/ i read the following:

"Both the V1.0 and V2.0 units being shipped currently come with the V3.0 signed firmware. These are intended to be used with the V3.1 Host Software. (Beta-test users have the V1.0 hardware, but unsigned V0.0, V1.0 or V2.0 firmware, and therefore have to be careful with their Host Software verification settings) "

I interpred this as the normal V1.0 hardware version has an singed firmware and only the V1.0Beta hardware has an unsigned firmware. Is this correct?
It was not clear for me that i have an V1.0 Beta hardware. Do you ship any beta hardware to europe? Or has someone changed the firmware on the way to europe?

Br Matthias

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