[onerng talk] BOM Information

Jim Cheetham jim at gonzul.net
Wed Dec 31 23:33:49 GMT 2014

Hi CitizenX,

Paul is responsible for the hardware builds, and while a BOM isn't
actually part of a design, I can see how it makes a reference
implementation much more accessible.

Thanks for noticing it, hopefully Paul will be able to provide one. Of
course, we might have a chicken-and-egg situation with the China built
machines, because the complete BOM for those might not yet be settled.
For example, if we end up with an even larger number of orders through
Kickstarter, we get the option to buy hardware in more efficient
quantities, which affects the BOM.

I'd also watch some of the miniaturisation - while our design is
supposed to be large enough to be visually inspected and you would
probably not want that goal for yours, I think some parts are designed
to be separated to minimise interference (IIRC the avalanche circuit
doesn't have anything on the layer beneath it). Again, Paul is the
best reference on that.


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