[chbot] Tonga Volcano Pressure Wave

Dev Lutchman d.lutchman at innocus.com
Mon Jan 17 20:42:41 GMT 2022

Was there one recorded 8.21am today Tues 18/01?

Was checking something on my computer before work, heard what sounded like a sonic boom (like a cardboard box full of glass pieces hitting the ground) and the power lines to my house and all down the street swayed intensely before settling. Seemed pretty clearly a shock wave.

Nothing reported on the news yet (9.42am)


On 16 January 2022 4:24:51 pm NZDT, Chris Hellyar <chris at trash.co.nz> wrote:
>Ditto, per the screenshot.
>In hind site we heard it as well, but I didn't realise it was related at 
>all..  (As you wouldn't)
>Interesting stuff..
>On 16/01/22 3:59 pm, Robin Gilks wrote:
>> Just been watching Scott Manley on 
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoMRwyNhqJ4 
>> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoMRwyNhqJ4> where he mentions the 
>> pressure wave from the explosion traveling across Japan and the USA.
>> Looks like I saw it here at about 20:15 with a drop from 1011 to 1009 
>> over a couple of minutes or less. Unfortunately, at that time of day 
>> the outside weather station frequency has drifted a bit so I'm only 
>> getting updates every few minutes instead of every 2. The time is 
>> about 10 minutes slow and the date is wrong as well!! The round robin 
>> database records the time correctly.
>> 07-01-00 18:19:59 Ti:28.7 To:19.3 DPi:12.5 DP:19.2 RHi:34.59 RHo:99.00 
>> WS:15.8 DIR0:67.5 DIR1: ENE WC:19.3 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62 
>> RP:1010.956
>> 07-01-00 19:23:38 Ti:30.1 To:17.8 DPi:13.7 DP:17.7 RHi:34.35 RHo:99.00 
>> WS:11.5 DIR0:45.0 DIR1:  NE WC:17.8 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62 
>> RP:1011.185
>> 07-01-00 20:05:09 Ti:31.2 To:16.8 DPi:14.3 DP:16.7 RHi:33.18 RHo:99.00 
>> WS:11.5 DIR0:90.0 DIR1:  E  WC:16.8 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62 
>> RP:1009.601
>> 07-01-00 20:19:17 Ti:31.4 To:16.5 DPi:14.3 DP:16.4 RHi:32.83 RHo:99.00 
>> WS:3.6 DIR0:45.0 DIR1:  NE WC:16.5 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62 
>> RP:1010.365
>> 07-01-00 20:25:28 Ti:31.4 To:16.0 DPi:14.3 DP:15.9 RHi:32.71 RHo:99.00 
>> WS:13.3 DIR0:67.5 DIR1: ENE WC:16.0 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62 
>> RP:1010.805
>> 07-01-00 20:30:37 Ti:31.3 To:15.8 DPi:14.2 DP:15.7 RHi:32.70 RHo:99.00 
>> WS:0.0 DIR0:45.0 DIR1:  NE WC:15.8 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62 
>> RP:1011.053
>> 07-01-00 20:32:37 Ti:31.3 To:16.0 DPi:14.2 DP:15.9 RHi:32.70 RHo:99.00 
>> WS:8.6 DIR0:45.0 DIR1:  NE WC:16.0 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62 
>> RP:1011.110
>> Amazing
>> -- 
>> Robin Gilks
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