[chbot] Tonga Volcano Pressure Wave

Robin Gilks gb7ipd at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 02:59:48 GMT 2022

Just been watching Scott Manley on
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoMRwyNhqJ4 where he mentions the pressure
wave from the explosion traveling across Japan and the USA.

Looks like I saw it here at about 20:15 with a drop from 1011 to 1009 over
a couple of minutes or less. Unfortunately, at that time of day the outside
weather station frequency has drifted a bit so I'm only getting updates
every few minutes instead of every 2. The time is about 10 minutes slow and
the date is wrong as well!! The round robin database records the time

07-01-00 18:19:59 Ti:28.7 To:19.3 DPi:12.5 DP:19.2 RHi:34.59 RHo:99.00
WS:15.8 DIR0:67.5 DIR1: ENE WC:19.3 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62
07-01-00 19:23:38 Ti:30.1 To:17.8 DPi:13.7 DP:17.7 RHi:34.35 RHo:99.00
WS:11.5 DIR0:45.0 DIR1:  NE WC:17.8 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62
07-01-00 20:05:09 Ti:31.2 To:16.8 DPi:14.3 DP:16.7 RHi:33.18 RHo:99.00
WS:11.5 DIR0:90.0 DIR1:  E  WC:16.8 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62
07-01-00 20:19:17 Ti:31.4 To:16.5 DPi:14.3 DP:16.4 RHi:32.83 RHo:99.00
WS:3.6 DIR0:45.0 DIR1:  NE WC:16.5 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62
07-01-00 20:25:28 Ti:31.4 To:16.0 DPi:14.3 DP:15.9 RHi:32.71 RHo:99.00
WS:13.3 DIR0:67.5 DIR1: ENE WC:16.0 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62
07-01-00 20:30:37 Ti:31.3 To:15.8 DPi:14.2 DP:15.7 RHi:32.70 RHo:99.00
WS:0.0 DIR0:45.0 DIR1:  NE WC:15.8 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62
07-01-00 20:32:37 Ti:31.3 To:16.0 DPi:14.2 DP:15.9 RHi:32.70 RHo:99.00
WS:8.6 DIR0:45.0 DIR1:  NE WC:16.0 R1h:0.00 R24h:0.00 Rtot:542.62


Robin Gilks
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