[chbot] Anyone have a spare Fritzbox 7490?

ceo at andygardner.com ceo at andygardner.com
Mon Sep 13 09:42:06 BST 2021

Thanks for all the replies.

I managed to score this one from Ecotech. Thanks Thomas!

Now, here's the problem.

The DSL line disconnects 30 seconds after connecting (DSL loses sync) then has to reconnect ad infinitum.

That was what the problem was after the lightning strike, and it's still the same problem after the modem swap.

But do you think 2Degrees will log a fault with Chorus?????

All I get back are robot email replies saying "Hi and thanks for contacting 2degrees. We have received your email and one of our team members is looking into it now for you. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also try our Help and Support page on our website to see if we can answer any of your questions there."

In other words it's the old "redirect all inquiries to a bloody FAQ, assuming the problem is always the user" scam.


On 13/09/21 12:15 pm, Sales | Admin | Ecotech Services wrote:
> Hello Andy,
> We have an untested 7490 in stock.
> Regards,
> Thomas
> On 13/09/2021 11:18 am, ceo at andygardner.com wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> We have a groundstrike nearby at 4am this morning and now my VDSL modem keeps on dropping and restarting the DSL.
>> Anyone have a spare Fritzbox 7490 I can use to swap-out to see if the modem frontend has been cooked?
>> Cheers,
>> Andy
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