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They are perfect for 7 segment displays, can drive solenoids and relays (with the internal diode common connected to the supply for the coils), common anode LED arrays and incandescent lamps or combinations thereof, I’ve used a lot of them in a jumbo 7 segment clock I made (along with an equal number of CD4511 decoder IC’s and a handful of shift registers - one for every 2 digits)

Can also be used to drive PNP transistors (with suitable base resistor) or P channel devices (with suitable pull up).
You can use them in reverse as level shifters if you have a high voltage level triggering a 3.3 - 5 v input with the internal pull-up enabled (they are specced to around 12-14v I believe on the input, but resistors can be added to the inputs). I use both in my trailer tester, driving P-channel MOSFET’s for the lamp outputs and to shift 12v signals to 5v logic

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> On 24/05/2021, at 12:34, Mark Atherton <markaren1 at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> Andrew,
> After all that I forgot...
> ULN2003 - seven drivers in a 16 pin DIP, Jaycar ZK8855, $5.90 ea.
> 5V in, capable of switching 500mA at 50V. Built in back EMF diode (tie pin 9 to the positive rail associated with the load).
> -Mark
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