[chbot] noob mosfet/transistor question

andrew dean nzandydean at gmail.com
Sun May 23 23:58:03 BST 2021

Short version: What transistor/mosfet / resistor would you use to switch 9-13v 100-300ma from an arduino?

Long version:
I’ve had great success with a “prop hub/master controller” I designed, but keep running into a mental wall trying to make the next generation.

In a nutshell, its a breakout for an arduino with a dozen rj45 jacks to power and control remote props.    I have been trying to put a transistor inline with the 12v output to each remote prop so I kill power to each remotely.

I have the free pins on the arduino and I know basically how I’d use the transistor/mosfet to switch, but I’m lost as to exactly what transistor/mosfet to use.

The switched voltage would be between 9 and 13v, and I reckon the maximum draw from any device would be maybe 300ma? 

Does anybody have a favorite transistor for this application (where the gate is 5v and the throughput is 12v, and the 5v from an arduino would saturate the gate)?  I was thinking maybe the transistor would be “closed” when the arduino went high, and switch off when low… but it could easily be the other way around if that’s a simpler circuit.

Any wisdom appreciate!

-andrew (no, not that one.  No, not that one either.  The hairy one.  No… facial hair.  yeah, him)

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