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On Sat 22 May 2021 02:10:38 NZST +1200, ceo at andygardner.com wrote:

> Almost as bad as the last NZ Census, collected using servers in the
> USA and with the Google Analytics webbug on every page.

Yes, ignorant and offensive.

That's why you fill in the paper instead, eventually they even come by
and bring you one (a flatmate never got round to filling in theirs) and
also leave you with a postage-free envelope to return it in so you don't
have to leave it with a door knocker. The paper is also not obnoxiously
insistent you fill it in according to some programmer's idea of how you
must be as a human being, as opposed to asking how you actually are,
which is my understanding of the purpose of said census.

How does the govt covid app fare?


PS You have heard of uMatrix? Firefox (and maybe others) plugin.
Brilliant. One of the best UIs I've ever seen too.

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