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Not Kiwi but I've been using uk2.net for about 18 years and had no issues
at all. I don't have web-hosting, only the gilks.org domain (which has a
redirects to my gilks.ath.cx ddns) and 100 emails associated with it.

Generally I'd say they are not the cheapest but they have been about for a
long time and being hosted at Canary Wharf actually in Telehouse so they
sit on the biggest router in the UK!!

On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 6:42 PM Volker Kuhlmann <list57 at top.geek.nz> wrote:

> On Thu 20 May 2021 09:33:54 NZST +1200, Marshland Engineering wrote:
> > I currently have 2 providers, Freeparking my original, and Crasydomains,
> one I
> > took over.
> Freeparking clearly says "a division of dreamscape" which is an American
> cloud hoster whatever. There always was Freeparking UK so I have some
> doubts as to whether they were ever a local kiwi company. Local
> franchise maybe? It doesn't matter now, they're American Seychelles or
> some such now.
> Crazydomains have a PITA website that every second click pops up with
> "would you also like to buy" - no and f... off.
> I came across this 3 weeks ago when mailboxes at Domains4less were
> migrated to Crazydomains. Call centre in the Phillippines, servers
> wherever is world's cheapest, so who knows who has access to my private
> data, like emails - no thanks.
> For email in NZ there seem to be basically Net24 and 1st Domains, both
> owned by Voyager, which as far as I can work out are a NZ company.
> Perhaps all smaller providers and hosters consolidated, and Voyager
> might be the only kiwi ones left. All their domain handling is done by
> 1st Domains - makes sense to only own one place doing it. 1st Domains
> servers are in several cities, all in NZ, with call centre in
> Christchurch. I asked.
> I didn't look at web hosting, but your choice of local kiwi might be the
> same.
> Alternatively I'd consider something European, and I mean European, not
> pseudo-European on the other side of the channel. For hosting, have a
> look at netcup.eu[1].
> For email, definitely at least glance at both posteo.nz and mailbox.org,
> both grassroots activists companies which really care and for that
> reason alone are worth supporting with the small sums they're asking.
> Both have calendar and address book included, mailbox is more extensive
> with cloud drive sharing (their own, of course), meetings (jitsi based)
> and collaborative group features, but is also a little more expensive.
> Posteo has real transparency reports, not just some marketing joke, have
> a read to see the difference. They btw also were the company which
> single-handedly trashed European encrypted email. From memory it went
> like this: Coordinated press release of a number of large European email
> etc providers: "After a lot of complex work, we now have a system to
> send emails only encrypted, it works with all the participating
> companies and you can sign up in a month when it's rolled out.". Hours
> later, press release from Posteo: "We have encrypted email, it only uses
> published open existing standards, and you can sign up tomorrow.". The
> proprietory crap of the other providers was quietly never heard of
> again. Everyone is using open standards now.
> > PS I got phoned on Easter Friday by Crasydomains with some sales deal as
> they
> > didn't realize, our local time was a holiday.
> Wow. Plonkers.
> Volker
> [1] They have an RSS feed with specials that often run for one day's
> business hours (CEST). Huge discounts are not uncommon, and the
> discounted price is permanent. Sometimes you may have to be an existing
> customer - register a domain first, on special the other day for
> 2EUR/year.
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