[chbot] Web Hosting

Marshland Engineering marshland at marshland.co.nz
Wed May 19 22:33:54 BST 2021

I currently have 2 providers, Freeparking my original, and Crasydomains, one I
took over.   

Always liked Freeparking as there was support and it was a Kiwi. I wanted to
change Crasydomains to Freeparking as they have a very aggressive marketing
team. Had to black list their number. On chatting to Freeparking, I was told
that they are being bought out but the same holding company as Crasydomains
and now there is a question about local or overseas support in the future. 

Can anyone recommend a Kiwi owned provider. I would like to stay local. 

PS I got phoned on Easter Friday by Crasydomains with some sales deal as they
didn't realize, our local time was a holiday.  

Cheers Wallace. 

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