[chbot] VFD with Chocolate fish.

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jun 30 12:02:22 BST 2021

I would guess that a wire is missing between the third un-attached 
rectifier input and neutral. Stick a fuse in this circuit if you plan to 
add a wire.

Voltage rating of caps are fine for this application. Lack of power 
factor management is very poor, possibly illegal.

I suspect the specs mean 220V RMS in and 300V DC bus.

Briefly, 220 VAC RMS can be rectified to 308 VDC. 308 VDC can then be 
used to synthesise one/several/many 220VAC RMS different phase sine wave 


On 30/06/2021 10:46 PM, Marshland Engineering wrote:
> Oh dear, I forgot to mention that it is a singe in and 3 out. I can only see
> and measure one mains line input to the 3 phase rectifier. I've metered it and
> 2 inputs are shorted and connected to this input. As I said, cant find any
> connection to the other mains input.
> See here
> http://www.marshland.co.nz/ftp/Misc/Rectifier.JPG
> The unit is supposedly 220 in and 380 out. I cannot see any step up
> transformer so maybe the output wave simulates a 380 signal.
> The caps are 400 v
> Cheers Wallace.
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