[chbot] VFD with Chocolate fish

Marshland Engineering marshland at marshland.co.nz
Thu Jul 1 00:53:07 BST 2021

>Essential items to "feeling brave" include
>- Rubber Gloves
>- Fire Extinguisher
>- Change of underwear
>... But I am sure you know that, or at least Volker does.


>I do tend to hide under the work bench when applying power after making 
>the changes I suggested.  
>Ear defenders are sometimes useful also. What can possibly go wrong ?? :)

Put your big girls trouser on. HaHa !!!

When I try jobs like this, I include a 240v 100w incandescent in the lead. If
the light comes on brightly, I have a fault.

Anyone keen to just confirm my findings ? No power required. 

Quote from the web. 

This is sounding a bit more serious than I thought. I have lost count of the
number of times I have had 240V shock over the years.

We used to use it as a bravery test to be in my gang at primary school and I
once tried to cauterise a cut using the flex from a lamp with the lamp cut off
and the two wires held close together over the cut. I should point out that I
was a little pissed at the time and had just knocked over and smashed my mums
glass lamp.

Cheers Wallace. 

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