[chbot] Insulation Tester

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Tue Jan 26 09:22:40 GMT 2021

> That is generally used for electrical cables and is to ensure the cable
> capacitance isn't influencing the measurement.

That capacitance would show up as the increasing resistance Synco
mentioned. My understanding is that insulators also have a time
component for breakdowns, like a damn holding for 5s and collapsing
after 50s. The capacitance should be charged well before those 60s.

If you give your appliance, telephone or consumer goods designs to a
test lab to test for EN60950 (electrical safety), they wrap the whole
thing in tin foil, earth that, and put 1kV into all the connector
conductors (power, data, ...) for 60s. Voltage breakdown, significant
current flow, bang = FAIL. Test is potentially destructive. If there is
a supply energy limit, I'd expect it to be significantly higher than of
those insulation testers mentioned and in the don't f... touch this


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