[chbot] Polishing 'Sistema' box lid

Marshland Engineering marshland at marshland.co.nz
Fri Jan 22 23:11:50 GMT 2021

A bit of a side line but I'm building a rack for the Sistema boxes. Its for 30

I have 3 sets of the attached which are 16 drawers and they are very useful
for my projects and other bits. 


However they are hard to find these days so I'm going to be using the Sistema
boxes as the drawers. They are quite nice as you can remove the drawer, take
it to where it is to be used, once finished, return to the rack. 

The haberdashery chaps would be interested for buttons cottons zips etc but
probably Robotics as well. 

Anyone interested, let me know.  

You can organize a lot of stuff in a very small space. 

Wallace 3237449

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