[chbot] [OT] plumbing parts for a Gemini Shower

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Thu Jan 21 03:10:17 GMT 2021

With the excellent pushfit plumbing items available these days (those ones with the o rings and the stainless steel captive doo-dahs), you could probably quite easily graft in a ball valve somewhere near the entrance of the cold water pipe to the building to act as a back-up for the failing mains stopcock even with water still running through it.

Last house my dad built for himself, he added a little access hatch to a ball valve in the garage wall where the water came up from underground, so that water could be turned off quickly in an emergency without having to grovel around outside in the dark sticking your hand down into a spider/sludge-filled council thingie in the sidewalk.

Here you go - has the tap built in...


Cut the PEX or PB pipe, shorten it slightly, then with the tap open slide it onto the pipe. Job done.

Then you can work on the other stuff without the water running.

Most of the hardware stores have a greybeard lurking in the plumbing dept who knows his/her stuff, too.

On 21/01/21 2:03 pm, Mark Atherton wrote:
> Thanks David, keen indeed :)
> One of the problems is that the hot and cold water have to be turned off to access the old seals. At our property, mains water does not shut off completely, so for the duration, water is pouring out of an orifice or three. Also, wonder how NF holds up at 80 PSI !!

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