[chbot] Electrical Meter LED pulse detection and capture

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Tue Aug 24 06:55:46 BST 2021

For my install I have the ESP8266 mounted outside of the meter box. The LSR circuit is on a longish cable. The cable runs through a small hole in the lid of the meter box i.e. outside of my house. There is no ingress from the inside of my house to the meter box besides the mains power cables.

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On 24 Aug 2021, 17:44, Mark Beckett wrote:

> Its an interesting point Volker makes.
> The regulations say that exposed wiring (that is wiring without double insulation) is permissible only when a tool is required to open the enclosure.
> A meter box doesn't require a key or screwdriver to open, but only a simple catch.
> Mark
> On 24/08/21 16:06, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
>>> I have a small off the shelf wireless transmitter it
>>> uses AA batteries. I don’t think you will want to
>>> open up the meter, that would be considered tampering I
>>> suspect.
>> Who says opening the meter itself, especially when placing a light sensitive
>> component on top of it? But you do have to open the metering enclosure
>> on the outside of the house, stick your gimmick onto the meter lid, and
>> then get your signal out of that enclosure.
>> Volker
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