[chbot] help with ssl certs for mqtt broker in debian 11?

ceo at andygardner.com ceo at andygardner.com
Sat Aug 21 13:40:12 BST 2021

With anything on Linux, the log file is your friend.

Add to your mqtt.conf:

log_type all
websockets_log_level 255

Open up an SSH session to the server and

tail -f /var/log/mqtt.log

Then in another ssh window type

service mosquitto restart

and watch the log output.

Also do

netstat -l

to see a list of all ports that have listeners on them in case there's something listening on 9001 already that's preventing your new one from firing up.

And ditch that .xyz domain pronto - that TLD is a spam farm and most people I know just block anything from the entire TLD from connecting to their servers.

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