[chbot] Time for a distraction. Introducing the 'interesting video, lock down challenge'

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Aug 19 23:40:22 BST 2021

There are several categories in this Robotics Group challenge:

1) Tools, Techniques and Making Things. Or things to make things. Don't 
hold back.

2) Arts, Crafts and Food, Technology-cross-over. Maybe a new chocolate 
casting technology for creating chocolate awards. You be the judge.

3) Silly. To quote Andrew "Youtube was clearly invented so we can watch 
cat-videos", but what is you threshold of revealing what you find funny?

4) Not video related: New places to find interesting stuff. That secret 
search engine, those dark places on Reddit etc. You tell us.

When things settle down, there will be a member-voted, award ceremony 
for the Order Of Chocolate Fish (you will be able to add the letters 
'OOCF 2021' after your name). This will be for the Grand Winner, the 
most inspiring contribution to this thread.

Start up you search engines please :)

Stay well

Mark and Andrew.

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