[chbot] 14430 Li-Ion Cells

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Hi Mark

The airlines won't carry them unless they are inside a product due to fire hazard.  You can ship a torch with a battery inside by air, but not the battery separately.

The 18650 size cells are the easiest to find, other sizes not so much.

Vaping shops sell 18650's - usually higher current capacity, and usually not protected/ button-top cells.

PB Tech and Jaycar both sell 18650's.

You can find some 18650 lower-capacity (2200mAh) button-top cells (and some other sizes) in the solar garden lighting section of some Bunnings stores, but they may not deliver high currents.  I have tested the capacity but not the max current.

There are also a few NZ on-line retailers that sell them, but sometimes only if you buy something else (like a torch) from them too.

If you find a good source of 18350 size cells please let me know (18mm dia x 35mm long).


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Anyone know of a local supplier of such ?

What are current restrictions on importing Li-Ion cells ?



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