[chbot] Power for 12v / 5v solutions.

Daniel Powell danielvieway at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 07:40:39 BST 2021

Does indeed. I googled the internal battery protection and have been using them "outside" their intended use for several years. 
In the years I've abused them I've only had one cell in a 2 amp battery go bad. The remaining 18650's went to good use in my TTGo T Beams. 

Nice little unit and something I use widely in all the bollox that's necessary to run a race car. 


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The Ryobi LiIon battery packs have full battery supervisory systems inside the battery, same as laptop batteries.

On 22/04/21 4:36 pm, Andrew Errington wrote:
> Hello Daniel,

> Finally, I don't know about Ryobi battery packs, but you should check what they do when they are getting low. If they keep going until they're literally flat it's bad for the cells, but it's quite likely that there is a low-voltage cutoff inside the pack so the power will just stop.

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