[chbot] Recommendations for fibre in CHCH

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Tue Apr 20 14:58:55 BST 2021

Cell towers have their own back-up batteries, often underground.
The Enable exchange in Addington has quite small batteries, but it also has
a big diesel generator, as much for the air conditioning as anything else.
Most of the equipment in the exchange is actually for third parties. I have
yet to figure out why it doesn't have solar panels on its roof.
The passive optical street cabinets contain special filters (prisms?) to
separate out the multiple wavelengths from the exchange into separate feeds
for each customer. I believe the path back from customer to exchange is on
a different wavelength again, but all the customers on one fibre share that
wavelength and take it in turns - one reason why download speeds are better
than upload speeds. So as was said already, the optical cabinets have no
need for power. The ONT in your house however... Fortunately much of the
gear could run on a 12v battery.
In my house I have a POE WiFi Access Point, and the POE injector is
mains-powered. It injects something like 50V of DC onto the ethernet wires
to power the WAP. Getting that onto battery power could be a challenge! Or
a project.


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