[chbot] major-changes-to-fusion-360-personal-use-license-terms

Marshland Engineering marshland at marshland.co.nz
Sun Sep 20 22:55:52 BST 2020

I have a 2 TB WD external drive. I have virtually every program I have ever
 downloaded stored on it. Probably 10 years of programs worth. If I cant
 download it, I don't use it. Fusion was one of those.  If my machine crashes,
 I have all the source programs and serial numbers. 

This latest latest issue is what I'm avoiding. Now you cant export to DXF ????
 What about all the designs I may have created over the last 4-5 years ? Now I
 cant use them any more. 

I used to have a computer business in my distant. I now know that maintenance
 contracts are the way to keep business going long term and I understand that,
 BUT, all I see is that new software has more and more crap in it that has
 virtually no use except make the programs 10 times bigger than it needs to
 be, 10 times more error prone etc etc.   I still run Quickbooks 2000 for my
 accounts. Program size 25 MB. New Quickbooks last time I looked, 1.3 GB.
 Accounting programs are just adding numbers !!!

Don't even talk about Delphi, still run the 2006 version. 

End of rant today. 

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