[chbot] Electromagnetic actuators, paddle shift.

Daniel Powell danielvieway at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 8 06:44:50 BST 2020

I’ve had quite a few friends through the race car, unfortunately not without damage. I must admit that it’s my naivety and a lack of instruction in plugging people who have not operated sequential dog boxes before into the race car.

There is substantive rounding of the dogs, which I’ve had repaired. Rather than restrict the car to myself I’d like to automate the shift and allow others back into the car.

To this end I’ve looked at pneumatic flappy paddle shifter systems and the VAG group hydraulic systems, however I do note that there is an ever increasing use of electromagnetic actuators in racing. I wondered if anyone knew of a two way, 20mm (or so) throw, fast acting, high torque actuator.

I note that the Marelli system denotes a max torque of 1000n (seems high to me) and 50A draw.


Any pointers would be appreciated.

Daniel Powell.
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