[chbot] Measuring capacitance of audio cables

hamster hamster at snap.net.nz
Tue Sep 8 01:37:52 BST 2020

Oh, I just looked up the specs of the capacitance range on a cheap
AN8008 multimeter I have - On the 9.999nF range the resolution of
0.001nF, 5% +/-20 counts. That should be able to measure around what you
need, assuming cables are within the ~100pF/m range. 

You are more than welcome to borrow that if you want, or pop over and
try to measure a few cables. 

Can try it tonight and report back... 


On 08.09.2020 09:38, Paul Willmott-Dalton wrote:

> Hello all 
> I am trying to support my 14yo boy with his homework but am a bit out of my depth. He is aiming to demonstrate understanding of the scientific method. To do this he wants to make a comparison of the electrical properties of different brands of audio cables. His hypothesis is that there is no difference between 'audiophile' cables vs cheapies. 
> I under that folks talk about capacitance being a variable. I'm told that this will be very small in any cable and potentially difficult to read (in the tens of pF range). 
> Does anyone out there have the equipment necessary to do this? If so, could we bring some cables to you for testing? 
> Kind regards 
> Paul Willmott Dalton 
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