[chbot] Measuring capacitance of audio cables

Paul Willmott-Dalton plwillmottdalton at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 22:38:36 BST 2020

Hello all

I am trying to support my 14yo boy with his homework but am a bit out of my
depth. He is aiming to demonstrate understanding of the scientific method.
To do this he wants to make a comparison of the electrical properties of
different brands of audio cables. His hypothesis is that there is no
difference between 'audiophile' cables vs cheapies.

I under that folks talk about capacitance being a variable. I'm told that
this will be very small in any cable and potentially difficult to read (in
the tens of pF range).

Does anyone out there have the equipment necessary to do this? If so, could
we bring some cables to you for testing?

Kind regards
Paul Willmott Dalton
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