[chbot] Getting a basic dns name and email forwarding

Robin Gilks robin at gilks.org
Wed Oct 28 05:49:26 GMT 2020

> Hi ALl
> I am trying to use the TI forum which complains if I use a gmail email
> address.
> I would like to create a "business" email address that just forwards to my
> gmail.
> is there a simple/cheap domain provider that can provide this quickly and
> I
> can then perhaps extend with www etc at a later date?
> Recommendations?
I've been using UK2.net for about 20 years now for gilks.org, website
redirect and 100 email addresses in the form xxx.gilks.org that I can
redirect to where ever I like (handy to provide unique email addresses for
the family). I think the domain is GBP12.50  a year and the redirect is
GBP 20.00.

They are based in Canary Wharf (I think!) and just seems to work!

Robin Gilks zl3rob/g8ecj
Internet: g8ecj at gilks.org    http://www.gilks.org

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