[chbot] Chchrobotics Digest, Vol 158, Issue 11

Volker Kuhlmann list57 at top.geek.nz
Sun Nov 29 00:23:21 GMT 2020

> I'm off to the recycling centre tomorrow for Microwaves 😊

Do not, under any circumstances, plug in the microwaves to see if they
still go, then attempt to take transformers out, unless maybe your life
insurance is current or you've thought about how to deal with big
capacitors holding kilovolts.

In this case one wouldn't care about damaging anything else, I might be
happy with safety glasses and a crowbar with a 30kV isolated handle.
I'm sure Mark will also advise a change of undies...

There are video instructions on youtube showing how to safely discharge
those things, it's a multi-step process.


Volker Kuhlmann
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