[chbot] Where to go for quick turn PCBs?

Stephen Irons stephen at irons.nz
Thu Jul 30 06:45:18 BST 2020

I have always used PCBWay

US$30 for 24-hour fabrication, US$120 for 12-hour
US$18 for DHL 3--7 day delivery

This includes white silkscreen and green solder mask. Any variation 
(including no silkscreen or no soldermask) either costs more or takes 
longer or both, because they are non-standard and I assume they wait 
for enough orders to make up a full-size sheet.

I have just ordered some 1 mm thick PCBs; small size, small quantity, 
and still 24-hour fabrication. It seems that PCB thickness is not one 
of the parameters that makes for longer turnaround.

Their online quoting tool is quite good - www.pcbway.com, and it now 
shows you the PCB after you upload the Gerbers.

Always been happy with their PCBs. Their 24-hour turnaround took about 
36 hours last time (Covid19) and DHL delivery took slightly longer, but 
I had them in about 10 days.

Always been happy with their SMD assembly too, though that usually 
takes 2--3 weeks.

I will have to try JLCPCB sometime.

Stephen Irons

On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 16:31, Charles Manning <cdhmanning at gmail.com> 
> Hi All
> I need to make some simple PCBs.
> Small: Approx 100x120 mm.
> Double sided, through hole plated. No silkscreen/solder mask required.
> Quantity 5 or so.
> Mainly 0.1 inch pitch parts with maybe one SOIC-16.
> I don't want to pay stupid money but I don't mind paying up to $100 
> for some speed.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks
> Charles

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