[chbot] On the scrounge for micro-d connectors

ceo at andygardner.com ceo at andygardner.com
Wed Jul 29 12:38:30 BST 2020

Hi Team,

I'm about to try out my PA-RISC VXI controller running HPUX 10.

Unfortunately, the video, GPIB  and network connectors are rather scarce Micro-D or Microminiature-D connectors. These are like the ubiquitous D connectors, but smaller. I understand they're used more frequently in industrial/space systems.

As a collector of weird shit, I'm hoping someone out there of a similar disposition just happens to have some of these lying around, to avoid me having to do what this dude did... http://spurtikus.de/2017/03/05/hp75000-series-c-agilent-e8401a-vxi-mainframe/

I'm in need of 2 x 15 pin plugs for the VGA and AUI, and 1 x 25 pin plug for the GPIB. Bonus chocolate fish if the already have the right connectors on the other end!

Also, I've yet to see any VXI modules surface within New Zealand. Does anyone on the list know of anyone that used VXI systems here, just out of curiosity.



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