[chbot] fusion 360 learning curve

andrew dean nzandydean at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 16:15:21 BST 2020

On reflecting on being asked about the fusion 360 learning curve, I realize my answer was a tad misleading.  I found fusion's drawing tools really confusing and after days of mucking around, was ready to give up.   I’ve used illustrator since the 80s so i drew up my profiles and engraving shapes there and imported them into fusion as dxf.  Like most things I do, it was a funky workaround hack that let me do what i wanted, but… it did let me do what i wanted. hehe.  Eventually I’d like to get into complex shaping in fusion to create 3d scupted pieces, but the learning curve between planar extrusions and nurbs style shaping is a biiiig curve.


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