[chbot] Car 12v supply to 5v VCC.

Daniel Powell danielvieway at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 6 22:04:41 BST 2019

Sorry for the intrusion with something bound to be a simplistic and rather rudimentary question given my lacklustre knowledge in electronics.

I’m currently developing an ESP32 wrover, CAN Bus based dash for my race and rally car. I’ve already prototyped the dash using a Nano (which was too slow to capture every frame), then prototyped all but the 7 segments using the ESP32 (7 segments are 5v LL, ESP is 3.3). I’ve recently transferred it to protoboard (which I’m simply using as a flat substrate to level and mount the modules). I need to reliably convert the car 12v to the 5 volt required for VCC on most of my devices. I’ve purchased a handful of different aliexpress 3A DC to DC voltage stepdown regulators and a 1.8A buck converter.

I wondered, given the noisy power environment of a race car, which, if any, would be best to provide 5v to my dash.

Unfortunately my pics break the 40k email list limit, as such I’ll include links to the devices.
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32280431843.html , LM2596HVS, XL4005 and  XL7015
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32961984080.html , 12V LM7812

I’ve previously used a radio control UBEC to convert the car power to something I could pump into a raspberry pi, through it’s on board conditioning, however I’ve never bothered to understand the fundamentals of power supply or how to smooth it such that I don’t damage componentry.


Help genuinely appreciated.

For those of you interested and wishing to punish yourselves further.
TTGO ESP32 wrover (on board CAN)
NS65HVD230 CAN  transceiver.
MAX2719 8x8 matrix (gear display)
4 x TM1637 - 7 segments (switched pages of 4 pressures/temps/alerts)
2 x 8 WS2812 Neopixles. (RPM and colour change for alerts).
TXS018E 8 channel logic level converters (yet to test).

Daniel Powell.

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