[chbot] kiwibots.org registration

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Wed Aug 21 20:43:51 BST 2019

Hello everyone.

Just discovered that Hanno has been very generously been paying for our 
domain name registration.

As a small token our our gratitude, just sent him collected funds from 
our last two meetings, with a hope that our host club won't mind :).

Hopefully we will see him in a few weeks at our regular meetings.


As a side note, I moved my web-space (and kiwibots.org hosted space) 
from Go Daddy (US) to 1st Domains (NZ) this week. Everything appears to 
be working OK.

So far, 1st domains have been a joy to work with, and Go Daddy an 
absolute pain ...

Also, updated our meeting dates as far as end of 2020.



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