[chbot] Xiilinx HLS any good?

Charles Manning cdhmanning at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 22:13:22 BST 2018

Hello All

Has anyone done any real work, or know of any real work, that has been done
with the Xilinx HLS tools.

This is the toolset that takes code written in C/C++ and munches it down to
run on an FPGA.

There is obvious appeal from a 50,000 ft perspective that you can write a
program in C, tweak it a bit and re-compile it and voilĂ , you're an FPGA

The sceptic in me says that nothing comes for free. You must be giving
something away. C lacks the expressiveness for some CPU operations. It
surely lacks the ability to convey concepts that Verilog and VHDL do.

This suggests to me that an FPGA executing HLS is inherently going to need
more resources (read bigger, more expensive FPGAs) and need more power (ie.
bigger battery, heatsinks,...) than the same function implemented in

Has anyone experience to either refute my assertions or back them up?


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