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If you really want to go down that particular rabbit hole you can follow
this guy:

I built his cardboard CNC as a project for my school technology group.  His
series starts with something basic (mostly using recycled electronics) and
then is iterated to improve it.

Best wishes,


On Sep 28, 2017 10:47 PM, "Mark Beckett" <m.beckett at amuri.net> wrote:

> This may open a very large conversation, but you guys seem to be a really
> good source of info.
> I'm interested in opinion's on CNC Routers.
> I was thinking of something around A4-A3 work area, and the ability to
> handle aluminium would be nice but not essential.
> My thinking is that more solid items are better sent to a shop.
> The ShapeOko seems like a good start, but the cost inc freight make it
> well into ... "what have you brought ... why" conversation.
> http://carbide3d.com/shapeoko/
> I'm fairly sure I can find something else to send my money on, but .....
> From what I see you either have the smaller units using Dremel style
> cutters, or larger units with fixed routers, or water cooled cutter heads.
> The next discussion I see is leadscrew v belts and I note that Shapeoko3
> uses dual belts and steppers for the Y carriage, while others promote
> having the work move under the cutter (which does require more work area)
> I'm also interested in hearing about DIY versions, or what options we have
> in the club to someone to laser/cnc the critical parts.
> Cheers
> mark
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