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Hi Andrew,

I know some people who used something called Spectra Line as a drive for their Cerberus delta type printer (1m tall).  http://www.spectrafishing.com/  It's a fibre rather than monofilament.  There are some special grooved bobbins available to fit stepper motors but I don't know where they came from.  Maybe getting the required tension is still a problem for your application though.


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Thanks everyone.  I'll start using them.

As I said, I have never had a problem with DX, it's just that they aren't stocking the esoteric items I'm looking for.

At the moment I am looking for GT2 belt (as used in 3D printers) in white, because I am going to use it for automatic curtains, and black would look bad.

DX has 10m in black (only) for $8, BG has it in white for $12.  DX has no stock of the GT2 pulleys, BG has all the popular variants.

I have also noticed a few guys on TradeMe are reselling a lot of the cool modules, parts, and tools that you see on the Chinese sites.  I ordered some black GT2 belt and some pulleys for more testing.  I'll get them in a couple of days, but they're more expensive of course.

I tried using builder's line.  It doesn't stretch but I can't get the tension I want.  I tried fishing line, but it does stretch, and I found it snarling up on the drive pulley.



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