[chbot] Controlling a pan and tilt head using AMX

Mark Atherton markaren1 at xtra.co.nz
Sun May 14 01:38:12 BST 2017

Hello everyone,

Chocolate fish time...

Just playing with a Fujinon CPT-1A-10DA pan and tilt head, these units 
are used in the broadcast TV arena. It may use the same protocol as the 
EPT-5E series.

Very little documentation supplied with the product, although appear to 
have confirmed that the unit is controlled using RS232.

The manual for a suitable PSU was supplied, so managed to identify power 
and RS232 lines. Dismantled the unit to confirm that RS232 feeds pin 13 
of a MAX232 (R1IN).

After moving the pan channel (by hand) with power removed, the unit 
returns to previous position when 12V is applied; am assuming that the 
unit works OK.

This unit was originally configured by BCL (now Kordia ?).

Managed to find a suitable controller (EOP-102J-30E) on eBay for 
US$1100; would like to borrow it to do some comms sniffing but that 
seems unlikely.

Finally, spotted that the unit sends a short message from it's RS232 
port at power on. Looks like data cells are 200us wide, so maybe a 
4800baud comms channel. Need to explore this more.

Have found all manner of P&T protocols, some require an address field 
(RS485, or RS232) so that adds a further level of uncertainty/excitement 
to the proceedings.

If anyone has experience with such devices, or know where correct 
documentation might be acquired, I will be most happy to hear from them.

This is not a commercial project, and hair is being pulled out by the 
clump ...

Regards, Mark

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