[chbot] LED displays coloured filters

Volker Kuhlmann list0570 at paradise.net.nz
Fri Jan 13 10:06:13 GMT 2017

On Fri 13 Jan 2017 22:20:50 NZDT +1300, Colin Isenman wrote:

> You could consider a plain grey polarizing film instead of colour
> filters. The polarization should significantly reduce reflections and
> hence improve the contrast of the display. To be really slick, an
> antireflective coating on top would be nice. But maybe not necessary
> unless you want sunlight readable.

In a bright sunlit room I find the white/grey background of the display
front and the LED-segments when not lit to be close to indistinguishable
from lit segments. Removing the light refelcted from unlit segments
would go a very long way.

I'm not sure the polarizing would help, because neither the LED light
nor the ambient diffuse light is polarized, but it'd be worth a try.

If someone has polarizing sheets like this, could they possibly bring
one on Monday to hold in front of the display for comparison?

Thanks Peter, I'll get some photo/flash filters if I can't find anything
suitable in town.



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