[chbot] Unusual request..off topic but...Chemistry gear wanted

chris s bettiescrystals at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 04:28:18 GMT 2017

Hi everyone, my son went to a school with no science lab and missed out on
all that neat stuff and now after watching Codys Lab and similar on
Youtube, he would like to try out some basic (safe/legal) reactions....so
would anyone have any old science lab gear beakers, flasks, condensers,
bunsen burners, vacuum aspirators etc etc that they would be willing to
sell/part with? Would love to put together a wee kit for Xmas.
 Does the university throw out the old stuff at the end of the year? Would
it be worth trying there?

Sorry, its off topic but I know theres a wealth of knowledgable people here.

Thanks everyone and Merry Xmas
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