[chbot] SMD Soldering practice.

Mike Field hamster at snap.net.nz
Mon Dec 11 09:53:30 GMT 2017

AliExpress had SMD soldering practice kits for $0.99 - I got ten of them 
for $9.49.


After building a couple and dropping some to mates I've got a five left 
over. The front is mostly 'easy' 0805, with a 555, a decade counter, 
some LEDs with current limiting resistors, 4 transistors and a few 
diodes. Only trick is getting the LEDs the right way around - coloured 
stripe to the heavy line on the silkscreen outline.

The back is just practice for trickier stuff - 0603, 0402 and some 
devilish 0603 quad resistor packs.

Instructions are not in English, but it is pretty straight forward with 
a full schematic - check out on 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VichbbST5SE for pointers.

If anybody is interested (or want to drop one into somebody's Christmas 
stocking) you can grab one from me in Durham St South or Rolleston. If 
you are really keen then ask me nicely I will drop one in post to you 
(in the spirit of Christmas).


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