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Tue Sep 27 21:03:07 BST 2016

And that is what’s wrong with western society now days. I thought it was funny my wife thought it was funny,
and I make no apology in calling her my wife.
Keep up the humour, if you don t like it don t read it and stick your warning signs where the sun don’t shine.


> > (except woman happy !)  
> I would however like to humbly suggest that statements like this do
> not help the Christchurch Robotics list & group be an inclusive and
> accepting place (which I would certainly like it to be--regardless of
> my current geographic location) and request that you consider not
> making such remarks in future. I realise any exclusionary sentiment is
> likely unintentional and am attempting to point this out in as
> conciliatory manner as possible.
> I recognise that not everyone on the list may agree with me or my
> request. While I prefer to avoid conflict where possible I also
> recognise that I have the luxury of choosing to ignore non-inclusive
> language but it is important to me that our world of technology which
> has given me so much (both materially and enjoyment-wise) is open to
> all.
> My preference would have been to make this request in a private email
> however as the language in question was on a public list I feel like
> it is important that anyone who may have read it and felt excluded
> know that it did not go by unnoticed.
> Thank you for considering my request.
> I look forward to hearing more about the exciting things made in your
> workshop in future. :)
> --Philip;  

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